September Refresher

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Allyship with LGBTQ Community

The GAF Journey Part I (Pastor May)

A year into laying down the foundation of Grace Alive Fellowship, a question was asked, “where do we stand on the issue of LGBTQ+?” It has been such a controversial polarized issue. This has caused much division, hostility. It’s also something that has been on my mind but never spoke openly about it. I immediately thought about our church family. What if one of us was approached by a loved one with the words “I think I’m gay,” how do we respond? Where do we go for help? 

Turning to our vision and mission to guide us, we wanted to know how we can do life with LGBTQ+ folks and create a diverse relational community.  We wanted to be present to them and hear directly from the LGBTQ+ faith community and know their personal journey. We invited queer pastors, explored bible passages, read books by queer theologians, and learned about their historical journey. We listened to perspectives from both sides of the controversy. Most importantly, we heard their pain and the suffering caused by the church. We heard how God is healing and bringing honor to their spiritual identity as queer people. We saw their hearts of compassion, and drive to restore love and justice. We’ve build friendship and played Mah Jong together. Within a year, the leaders voted unanimously to be an all inclusive and affirming and listed in Church Clarity. 

Although we are an affirming church, GAF is a safe space for people of different views to come and worship together, be discipled together under Christ who took down the walls of hostility and unites us all as one in his family. 

This is the first in a series where Pastor May will share insights gained from her own personal journey as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Partnership with Apicha and Kaleidoscope

GAF and Kaleidoscope were invited to speak on 9/20 at the Apicha Queerorientation workshop for AAPI college students who may be new to the city. The workshop was graciously hosted by the Table church. May shared the story of GAF and Pastor Ray from Kaleidoscope shared his personal story of how being gay led him to become a follower of Christ and commitment to serve the LGBTQ+ youth and the church. The meeting closed with a rich time of sharing from the students.

Pastor May is also attending an 8 week pastoral training led by Kaleidoscope. It is for pastors who are seeking a safe space to talk and wrestle through questions they have about LGBTQ+ community and faith. The goal is to help pastors to engage with the queer community and get to know them personally. At their our first gathering, everyone was engaging and had an openness to ask questions and learn from each other.  

Rahab, a Woman of Faith 

(Recap of Message by Christy Chia)

At our Friday Celebration Service, Christy walked us through Rahab's journey of faith that went from hearing about God to knowing God personally.   Rahab is like a foreigner to the faith since she was not a Hebrew, and she lives in a place that did not teach her about God. She mainly heard hot off the press news of how God miraculously helped the entire nation of Israel march away from oppressive slavery in Egypt. Something stirred in her core being. She wanted this God to be her God. Taking action based on faith in what she heard about God, she helped enemy spies from Israel escape the soldiers. Rahab immediately tied a red scarlet rope to her curtain as agreed upon as a sign for her and her family to be protected. She waited patiently for weeks, then months looking out her window for the invasion to come and can finally worship God and be a part of his family. She lived a life of significance, security and satisfaction. Rahab was named among the list of people of faith in Hebrews 12. 

  • How does Rahab’s story speak into your faith journey? 

  • What questions do you have about faith? Let us know.

  • We will be launching our new theme SUPERSIZED FAITH in October! Come join us each month to discover more about the faith we have.

DLT Community

Daryl Truong

DLT has been helpful especially during this time in my life when I am going through so many transitions.  I joined DLT because I wanted a group that could be my accountability and support group. It is a place where I can openly talk about my celebrations and downfalls. So far DLT has been great because I like the consistency of having a community and I can stay connected with GAF. I look forward to hearing about my sisters and their journey in life. I get to hear about their prayer request and see how God plays a role in their life. I value the time I get to be heard, being loved, and able to connect. 

Thank you, Daryl for sharing with us your DLT experience. This is the fruit of being present to each other with a listening heart and having the courage to be open about your own journey in life. 

Tell us your DLT story. What has your DLT experience taught you about doing life together. We want to hear the ups and downs and learn as a community. Send your story to May will contact you. 

Our Monthly Activities

Join us for our upcoming virtual / in-person events!

Monthly Celebration Service

Supersized Faith

Faith in Action (Elizabeth Leung)

Friday, Oct. 1 • 7PM - 8:30 PM

ZOOM Link | Meeting ID: 327 601 274 | Password: 429125

JOG (Journey of Grace) Small Group Weekly on Sundays • 11AM - 12:30PM

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Communion Fridays

This is a time of reflection on the meaning of communion and embody Christ’s hospitality caring for all people through fellowship, breaking bread, and stand in the needs of others through prayer.

Monthly - September 17 • 7PM - 8:30 PM
ZOOM Link | Meeting ID: 327 601 274 | Password: 429125

Offering / Donations!

Now that we are an official 501(3)c, we have a bank account! For administrative purposes, please fill out this Google Form each time you donate to GAF.

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  • We currently allocate 90% of tithes towards our staff stipend and 10% towards an organization supporting our community during this time. 

  • For September we donated to Kaleidoscope to help with this newly formed organization dedicated to help LGBTQ+ youth and be a bridge for churches to come alongside the LGBTQ+ community with the love of God.